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Louise Nevelson
Louise Nevelson
Moderna Museet, Stockholm
9.9 2017 – 14.1 2018
Throughout her long artistic practice, Louise Nevelson explored the potential of the collage. See the artist’s rarely-shown collages and sculptures in an exhibition featuring some twenty works from the 1950s – 1970s. Influenced by cubism and the German-French artist Jean Arp, Louise Nevelson (1899–1988) began early in her career to make sculptures and assemblages out of wood objects she found in the street. By painting them matte black, she combined the separate elements into a totality. For Nevelson, black represented all colours in one, and the harmony she sought in her art. Sculptures that evoke something spiritual. In the 1950s, the sculptures left their plinths and filled entire walls, like large altarpieces. In monochrome black, and later white and gold, Nevelson now created sculpture groups out of lathed chair legs, balusters and scraps of wood, in a scale approaching abstract expressionist paintings. Her monumental works evoke something spiritual and eternal, and express a deeply personal mythology. Imaginary worlds in smaller formats. At the time when Nevelson’s sculptures were taking on more spatial, large-scale dimensions, she was discovering another style in the collage, which enabled her to easily and intuitively explore subjects in smaller formats. Slips of paper, newspaper cuttings and sooty scraps of wood were combined into poetic observations of the overlooked objects, not unlike the German artist Kurt Schwitters’ Merz works.